Lesson 2 Philosophy Section Error

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Lesson 2 Philosophy Section Error

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In reading the Philosophy section of Lesson 2,
I came across a terminology error. Someone else may have already pointed it out, though it would depened how many of your customers have a background in theoretical computer science.

You use the term "NP-incomplete" to mean a problem for which a solution exists but an infinite number of computations might be required to reach it.

This isn't correct. I believe you wanted to use the term "NP-complete" not "NP-incomplete", but even that doesn't quite match the definition you want.

If nobody has previously pointed this out let me know I can send you a detailed explanation.

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Re: Lesson 2 Philosophy Section Error

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Thanks for this, appreciate it. I do recall someone telling me some time ago that I was wrong on this, but I did not follow up with the detail, and I would appreciate it if you would set me straight. I should probably not have put it in, it was something someone mentioned to me in passing and it caught my attention, but I did not do the due diligence to tack it down firmly whe I wrote that section. Shows the usual dangers of using jargon and fancy words trying to sound smart.

Re: Lesson 2 Philosophy Section Error

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thanks for info I will call at the time of need
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