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Trader Question
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think I have the envelopes are they a 3 period SMA of the highs and of the lows displaced right by 1 bar ?

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Re: Envelopes

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No, not an average of the highs and lows but of the hi/lo pivot points; displacement is correct. Formulas will be in Lesson 6.

Re: Envelopes

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Looks as if one was long on bar 1 of 5/05, and thus looking to see if continued up or no? Bars 1-2-3 show support strong, and nearby support moving closer to pldot, not a sign to go short. Nevertheless, could as you suggest have shorted at coalescence of daily/30 minute dot, but it is not a perfectly clear signal as a short. Flow on bars 1-2-3 more neutral than not, yet definitely not good down flow
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