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Trading Plans

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1. Does the course go into more detail on the trading plans described in the original Drummond course "How to Make Money in the Futures Market.. And Lots of It" on pages 354-387?

2. If yes, then what lessons in the course are the detailed trading plans which appear in pages 354-387 described?

3. Are these trading plans described in more detail in any of the written materials which come with the course? If so, which materials are they
contained in?

4. Your track record paper discusses four trading plans - Dotted line trade, block level trade, congestion level trade and congestion action trade.
Which lessons are these covered in? Which written materials are they covered in?

5. Are the plans in your track record paper related to the plans on pages 354-387, or are they different plans?

6. If I were to apply one or more trading plans from the course to a live market, would I be able to get feedback on whether the plan is being applied
the way it was intended or not? By this I mean discussing the particular entry and exit points as per plan (not whether they would be profitable or
not - no guarantees there).

7. You mention that the written materials can be purchased separately from the electronic course. Can you point me to the web page where the price for these books are shown or tell me what the cost is?

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Re: Trading Plans

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1.++++No, and the reason is that there has been a lot of water under the bridge since 1978 when that book was written and much more has been added tot he methodology, and so the trade plans and methods now being applied are much more sophisticated than those original sketches.

2.++++The last half of the course contains trade plans in each lesson.. though they are not the ones that you mention specifically...

3.++++The advanced manual has a number of trade plans but the most recent and the best trade plans are contained in the electronic lessons.

4.+++lessons 16-20. They are not present in the written materials.

5.+++completely different....

6.+++yes, we give reasonable e-mail and telephone support to your in your studies and trading efforts ...

7.+++go to ... 8uduii4n55
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