A Thank you to Drummond Geometry

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A Thank you to Drummond Geometry

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I recently completed the entire Drummond Geometry course, and wanted to thank you and Mr. Drummond.
I truly enjoyed all of your explanations, examples and the comprehensive teachings. I really appreciate the trade details, as well as the intensity and overall deepness by including the sections on psychology and philosophy. I have every intention of going through the lessons again, I do have questions.
( for some reason the audio does not play well on my computer, except for the audio comments all work and sound fine -?)
I have not participated as a trader in the markets for several years - except for a time after studying Mr. Drummonds book several years ago, and really could not afford to trade at that time.

The lessons at this point have cleared up a lot, the specific definitions of when a market is trending, the next type of activity etc, and the concept of higher time period has helped significantly.
While I was going through the course the beginning lesson gave me a great deal of understanding compared to what I understood previously. As I continued the lessons, I began to have some doubts as to realistically being able to anticipate certain things, such as when a block would be weak etc... However, as I continue to study the market activity, or do my own work, I am starting to really appreciate and gain more confidence with the concept of the higher time periods for indications that the lower time period will give signals on these questions.

I did have success and made money after finishing the beginning lessons, using the idea of PL dot refresh and the basic PL lines that I was familiar with from Mr. Drummonds first book by using the manual paper charting method. I am now using tradestation, and your software, and still working on developing a trading method from all the material and making the transition to the envelope methodology, near and further out support and resistance, and flow.
I would like to continue to review the lessons again, and am also very interested in your flow indicators.
I am not sure how to apply this idea of going with the flow, and then not buying resistance etc - if the flow is going to continue. I am sure that I will gain a greater understanding by going through the lessons again now that I have a better frame of refrence.

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Re: A Thank you to Drummond Geometry

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Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.
I pleased that you've finished the Lessons and doubly pleased that you plan on going through them again.
Experience has shown that a second reading is even more productive than the first.
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