"Quick Start" course??

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Re: "Quick Start" course??

Post by Jimmy »


Is the short course sufficient to get me up and trading?

Thanks, Jimmy
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Re: "Quick Start" course??

Post by ted »

The "quick start" course covers all of the basics of Drummond Geometry, from A to Z, and does it very fast and completely. It is a basic course and does not tarry and does not go into each topic in a lot of detail, but rather moves quickly so that it can cover all the material.

All of the main elements of Drummond Geometry are covered so there is a lot of information that can be used to trade with but we do not take the time to detail out trade plans, or repeat things multiple times, or to discuss the subtleties of what to do in every situation.

The thought was that this quick overview would make the detailed information in the longer courses much easier to assimilate. Obviously the longer course has a lot more in it but certainly there are a lot of trade ideas and useful concepts in the "quick start" course.
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