Up and Running!

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Up and Running!

Post by pldot »

After a lot of effort and many months of developing software and web staging we're up and running! Welcome to the Fourm and the new website!

The community of Drummond Traders spans the globe.. A big welcome to all DG traders, students, pros and lurkers and gurus alike. Let's see if we can rejuvenate this community! We know we have the best methodology available anywhere. Let's put our heads together and see w hat we can make of it!

Who's interested in Auto signals?
Who wants to tack down "Flow" so that your grandmother could trade it?

Open for discussion!

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Re: Up and Running!

Post by byford »

Hi everyone, Curtis here...AKA LonePelican since I moved to Mexico last year. We should give a round of applause to Ted for all the work he has done to save and rejuvenate DG!! He's the BEST! In the past I have used both MultiCharts and TS, but now I'm sold on NinjaTrader, and I'm looking forward to the upgrades that Ted is working on. Let's hear from some of you in the community. What are you interested in, what would help with your trading, etc.

Hasta luego,
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